• Each piece in the Names collection is made from solid brass and plated with a heavy layer of 18 carat hard gold plating. This plating will last a lengthy amount of time, and it needs to regular care to keep it looking at its best. Here are a few dos and don’ts to look after your gold-plated jewellery:

    • When you’re not wearing your jewellery you should keep them in a safe and secure place, like your bedroom, not in the bathroom because all of the moisture from your shower and sink will make the the pieces tarnish quickly.

      Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g. soap, perfume, abrasive products. Chlorine, detergents, oils, moisturisers & perfumes can also cause tarnishing and damage.

      Do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering.

      Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.

      Gently wipe jewellery clean with a soft cotton cloth after each wear to remove make-up and oils (from skin).

      Do not use polishing products or chemical cloths to polish your jewellery, instead dip it in hot soapy water and polish gently with a soft cotton cloth.

      Don’t yank or pull chains.

  • Your jewellery may need to be re-plated after time. If so we can provide this service at a minimal cost or you can ask your local jeweller to re-plate for you.